We know that music matters because it drives wellbeing and happiness.

Next year at NCO more than 650 children will make new friends, discover new things about themselves, and travel their own distinctive musical journey. All of this will improve their opportunities, help them find new paths to progress their music, and help them be happier and healthier.

Our approach enables children to flourish through the power of playing music together, by supporting their development and ambition, by empowering them creatively and by responding to what they say matters to them.

Charities like NCO matter and every child who could benefit from NCO membership matters equally. But we know many do not have the financial means to access the same level of opportunity as others.

We are going to be asking everyone who connects with NCO this year to support our ‘Music Matters’ campaign. The money we raise will firstly go to funding every place needed for a child from a lower-income household. Any additional funding will help children needing extra support such as travel, to be fully supported and included, and to subsidise activity costs for every child in our membership. We hope you can help - please find our donation form below.

If you can't give a financial gift at the moment, please help us spread the word about #ncomusicmatters by: