Our vision is to be a place where children (and grown-ups) flourish through music.

We believe that music matters because it drives wellbeing and happiness. And children deserve to be happy.

Our mission is to enable children aged 8-14 to flourish:

  • through the power of learning and playing music together
  • by empowering them creatively and supporting their development and ambition
  • by prioritising their wellbeing, hearing their voices and responding to what matters to them

It is a joy to celebrate the diversity of the 650 remarkable children who make music with us each year. We also know that there are children missing from NCO. We see them and we are creating new opportunities to welcome them to NCO.

Our values - Ambition, Happiness, Creativity, Honesty and Respect – underpin all that we do.

We want to share with you our renewed values, purpose and priorities for the coming years, as a charity with young musicians at its heart – see NCO is Evolving for more.

NCO is Evolving