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Auditions make me nervous. Do I have to do one?

Do I have to speak on the recording?

What if I make a few mistakes on my recording?

Do I need an accompanist?

I haven’t taken any grade exams. Can I still join NCO?

How much does it cost to audition?

How much does it cost to be part of NCO?

Can I record my audition in sections and edit them together?

Can I apply on more than one instrument?

I play a doubling instrument - can I audition on this as well as my main instrument?

When do I submit my video?

Can I submit a performance video for my audition?

I'm applying for the NCO National programme on violin or cello and I'm finding the excerpts really difficult! Can you help?

I'm eligible for both the NCO National and NCO Projects programmes. Which should I apply to? Can I do both?

When will I get my audition result?

Will I get feedback from my audition?