Our Support Team play a vital role on our residential courses by creating a safe and stimulating environment in which our young musicians can explore and enhance their skills and passions.  Responsible for the pastoral care of the children, our Support Team oversee their wellbeing, as well as ensuring they have plenty of fun throughout the activity.

We employ a Support Team for each orchestral activity drawn from a pool of interested personnel. Numbers vary according to the age of the children and the ratio of male/female children. Our aim is to provide a well-balanced team of new and experienced people who can work well together. 

The role involves looking after the young musicians while they are not in rehearsals and includes a variety of tasks – welcoming new arrivals, devising and helping with leisure time activities, supervising meals and more.

At the moment we are not actively recruiting people for our Support Team, but if you want to work with us in the future, please send a completed skills audit form to Alex Tighe.

*Please note we can only accept applications from those who are 19 years of age or older.

Download Skills Audit Form

Thank you for having such wonderful and sensitive pastoral staff who really do understand these youngsters so well - in particular their needs and foibles.

NCO Parent