On behalf of NCO, the Trustees express their grateful thanks to the following who have given generously towards the 2017 year.

Media Partner





Principal Supporters










The 1978 Association

We wish to record its heartfelt thanks to the individuals who have indicated that they will remember NCO in their Will. You can view the list of The 1978 Association Members here.

Trusts, Foundations and other organisations

We wish to acknowledge our grateful thanks to all of the trusts, foundations and organisations who have supported NCO.

Friends of NCO

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the impressive number of committed NCO supporters who have joined our Friends Scheme. You can view the list of NCO Friends here.


The following list includes all those who have raised or donated £150 or more towards our core activity and we express our most grateful thanks to all those who have supported us this year including those who have given anonymously. Each and every gift is very much appreciated and every effort has been made to recognise support. Please let us know of any omissions so that we can include them in our next programme.

  • Mrs D Anand
  • Mr A Campbell and Ms M McDowell
  • Mr and Mrs A Chung-Halpern
  • Mr and Mrs A Cook
  • Mr and Mrs M De-Csillery
  • Dr M and Dr E Edmiston
  • Ms H Ford
  • Mrs S Hannan
  • Mr M Henderson and Ms S Wallace
  • Mr and Mrs J Hillman
  • Mrs J Kim
  • Mr and Mrs W Lee
  • Mr J Leeming and Ms F Cairney
  • Mr and Mrs M Llewellyn
  • Mrs J Ludlam
  • Mrs A Onokpasa
  • Dr E and Mrs A Pepra
  • Mr and Mrs S Prior
  • Mrs H Schofield
  • Mr and Mrs J Tennent
  • Mrs R Tolokonnikov
  • Mr R and Dr T Watson
  • Mr and Mrs J Weiss
  • Mr and Mrs C Wing
  • Mrs H Zezula