No matter how long you've been a member of the NCO, we're sure you'll agree that your time with us has made an incredible difference to not only your own individual playing, but also to your musicianship as part of an orchestra.

We know that life post-NCO can be a scary prospect. Though we know you are all fabulously talented, resourceful young players, we bet the following questions have sneaked into your head more than once...

Where will you get that NCO buzz, who will give you such first-rate tuition, when will you get the chance to meet up with all your NCO friends again, where will you be able to astound an audience with the incredible standard of your performance and, most importantly, why can’t you join the NCO for another year?

Subject to funding each year, a further senior NCO Orchestra is offered for ‘retired’ members of over 14 years of age and is the answer to all of the above - ENCORE!

ENCORE – or Exclusive NCO Retired Ex-members – allows ex-NCOers to get together again to relive that unique NCO experience. There are no auditions – as previous members of Main Orchestra we know what a talented bunch you are – but you still get the unique course, the excellent tuition and the exciting concert at the end.

There are so many musical opportunities you might be interested in beyond the NCO. We recommend that you talk to your instrumental teacher first to help make the right decision for you.

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