The full cost of providing a place in a NCO orchestra currently ranges from approximately £2,133 a year (for Under 11s, Under 10s and Training Orchestras) to £2,855 for the oldest orchestras that benefit from more courses and concerts.

To keep the costs of membership within reach we only ask families to contribute a proportion of these costs if they are able – the NCO membership fee will cover between 41% and 59% of the full cost of your child’s place depending on the orchestra. NCO works to subsidise the balance through fundraising activities. Membership fees cover the costs of either one or two (depending on seniority of orchestra) residential courses, accommodation, all meals, world class conductors and music tutors, music hire, provision of some instruments, pastoral care and entertainment, concert hall hire, transport to concert venues, and in the case of Main and Under 13 Orchestras a winter non-residential course and concert.

Membership fees for 2018 are:



Training, Under 10 and Under 11 Orchestra

£896 pa

Under 12 Orchestra£1528 pa
Under 13 & Main Orchestra

£1751 pa