NCO works to make its exceptional opportunities available as widely as possible and to ensure that all children with a spark of early musical talent are afforded an opportunity to develop it fully.

This work has three goals:

  • to raise the profile of NCO and the unique opportunities it provides amongst Music Education Hubs, Music Services, In Harmony projects, schools and other sector partners
  • to support strategic partners in developing specific projects that will have an enduring and measurable impact in promoting the engagement and enjoyment of all children in classical music, and
  • to identify progression routes for gifted children and encourage them to come forward to NCO audition.

…at the summer school I was taught skills on the French horn, an instrument I would never have discovered without the NCO…. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the National Children's Orchestras for running the workshops and summer schools, encouraging young children to take up musical training, especially beautiful endangered instruments like the French horn. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the platform the summer school gave me.

Outreach event participant.

Can NCO help you to encourage your players? Whether you teach, develop workshops, lead best practice at a Music Education Hub or otherwise work to inspire young orchestral players, we would like to hear from you - please get in touch.