The NCO Board of Trustees is supported by a group of Constitutional Members.

25 individuals drawn from the NCO community in the following categories: music tutors, social staff, parents of NCO members, the staff team and NCO donors. The full list of current members is available here.

The purpose of Constitutional Members is to act as a safeguard and ensure that the governance and custodianship of NCO by its Board accords with the abiding principles of NCO.

At renewal members are selected by ballot from all those who are eligible and have expressed an interest. Places may become available from time to time – if you would like to put your name forward for the future please get in touch.

The constitution provides for up to 25 Members drawn from the following categories:

  • Course and Music Staff – 7 Members
  • Social Staff/Volunteers – 7 Members
  • Office Staff – 2 Members
  • Parents – 7 Members
  • Donors – 2 Members

The criteria for Membership in each category are explained bellow. The Members welcome comments and feedback from all in the NCO community. Please remember however that all communications relating to your child’s membership of NCO, or about our activities, operations, courses, concerts and auditions should be directed to the office team as usual.