To become an NCO member, your pupil needs to audition on an orchestral instrument. Our Orchestras are open to children aged 7-14, but your pupil needs to be aged 13 or under on 31 December of the year of audition. Auditions take place at venues across the country in October annually. Even current members have to re- audition every year to make the process fair. Find out more about audition information.

My pupil’s attitude and confidence have gone through the roof! Thanks to her playing with so many other talented musicians along with excellent sectional tutors and conductors, this in turn has motivated her to be even more committed to a regular practice routine.

Teacher of an NCO member

NCO does not specify a required grade for a particular instrument because of the varied rates of progress of children as they learn. We are looking for secure technique, talent and potential. We do however provide a list of grades at which successful candidates are playing – this is unverified, but is a guide to the approximate standard for those interested in applying. Please make sure your pupil is playing at the appropriate standard by viewing the approximate grades list of current members.