If you are aged between 7-13 years old and have a passion for playing an orchestral instrument, this is your chance to take part and experience the magic of NCO!

The best thing about NCO is how much fun it is! It’s a chance to fulfil your music potential whilst making many good friends along the way.

Once you’ve been on one NCO course, you’ll just want to go again and again! It is so much fun but it also improves your playing.


Our residential courses allow you to meet people of your age from across the country who share something in common with you. Many of our members have said that it is on an NCO course that they feel they truly fit in and are understood.

Our courses are really varied. Besides rehearsals, there is recreation time for sport, art and relaxing with friends. With such an action packed schedule, you won’t even have time to miss home! We have a highly skilled team of staff to ensure that you have the best possible experience on your course, both musically and socially. Each course has approximately 14 music staff, 11 social staff, 4 senior staff and a conductor.

Where else would you have the opportunity to play as far and wide as the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing or for Her Majesty the Queen? We perform in amazing concert halls which really is a spectacular and memorable experience.